Kevdawg (kev_dawg) wrote in virginanonymous,


A recent Alan Guttmacher Institute survey stated that nine in 10 people have sex before marriage. The number may be a bit high but unlike the conservative groups who have dismissed it as biased, I’m not naive enough to believe that the number of people engaging in premarital sex is below 70% (maybe 75% is the more likely cutoff). It sure couldn’t have been that way when I was at NC State for 4½ years. Since I’m now 27, I am in a precarious situation since I’m not a virgin by choice. Given that the times in which we live, it is utterly unrealistic to believe that a) 50% of all freshmen who enter college leave that way and b) most of the people who do leave college with their virginities intact aren’t deeply religious in their beliefs or otherwise so puritanical.
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